The Cheyenne Social Club


James Stewart-John O’Hanlan

Henry Fonda-Harley Sullivan

Shirley Jones-Jenny

Sue Ane Langdon-Opal Ann

Elaine Devry-Pauline

Jackie Russell-Carrie Virginia

Jackie Joseph- Annie Jo

Sharon DeBord-Sara Jean

Robert Middleton-Bartender

Arch Johnson-Marshal Anderson

Dabbs Greer-Jedediah W. Willowby

Richard Collier-Nathan Potter

Charles Tyner-Charlie Bannister

Robert J. Wilke-Corey Bannister

Jean Willes-Alice


The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club

John O’Hanlan is a Texas cowboy who receives a letter from a Cheyenne lawyer telling him he’s inherited something called The Cheyenne Social Club. Neither he nor his partner of ten years, Harley Sullivan, can figure out what he’s inherited. Harley guesses that it is a saloon. In this 1970 movie, the two cowboys the long trek to Cheyenne to claim the inheritance.

When they arrive at their destination, John finds out that he’s inherited a brothel which is a well respected landmark among the men of Cheyenne. John incurs the wrath of the whole town when he decides to close it down and turn it into a boarding house. That is, until the lawyer tells him that it’s The Cheyenne Social Club or nothing due to an agreement his deceased brother had with the railroad, whose right of way the house sits on.

Trouble ensues when John kills a cowboy who beat up “one of his girls.” The man’s relatives, predictably, come to town to avenge the death of their beloved kin.

Henry Fonda has been accused of over-acting in this movie actions fit the role of the character he’s portraying and doesn’t seem to be over-acting at all. His character talks all the way from Texas. There is a story that Mr. Fonda complained that he didn’t have any lines in this part of the original script so it was rewritten but this can’t be confirmed.

James Stewart always puts in an excellent performance and does it again in this film.

Sue Ane Langdon plays the bubbliest of the girls. There are also performances by John Dehner, Robert Middleton and Shirley Jones.

This is a very enjoyable film. The wave files below will tell more of the story.

The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club The Cheyenne Social Club

Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Harley: “Did I ever tell you how my Uncle Charlie got stove up?”

John: “No, Harley.”

Harley: “His home set right out on the prairie. One day he went into the outhouse and got caught right in the middle of a stampede. When he went in he said there wasn’t a cow in sight. A few minutes later, three hundred and sixty-five longhorns ran over him. Broke him up something terrible. That was nineteen years ago and he’s still constipated.” (273K)

John: “Harley. I’d like to talk to you if you’ve got a minute.”

Harley: “Sure, John.”

John: “Ah, you’ve told me that story about twice now. Once last week and then once before when we were about five hundred miles south of here. Do…do…do…do you know where we are now, Harley?”

Harley: “Not exactly.”

John: “We’re in Wyoming Territory. I wouldn’t mention it but you’ve been talking all the way from Texas.”

Harley: “I’ve just been keeping you company, John.”

John: “Well, I appreciate it, Harley, and I don’t mind it too much for the first hundred miles. But Harley, you’ve been talking for a thousand miles.”  (434K)

Harley: “John, if I had that much money and already had a business, I guess I’d just live high on the hog for as long as it lasted.”

John: “That’s not what a shrewd business man would do, Harley.”

Harley: “You asked me what I’d do.”

John: “That was my first mistake.”  (157K)

John: “Harley. Why are you with me?”

Harley: “John, I’ve rode with you for ten years now.”

John: “I know that, Harley, but why?”

Harley: “Why!”

John: “Don’t you see what I’m trying to get at? Here you’ve been with me for ten years and I don’t even know why.”

Harley: “How come you never asked before?”

John: “Don’t know. Never thought of about it until just now.”  (233K)

John: “Uh, pardon me miss.”

Woman: “Yes.”

John: “Uh, could you direct me to The Cheyenne Social Club?”

Woman: “How dare you!”

John: “What’d I say?”

Harley: “Too much, I reckon.”  (127K)

John: “Harley, you don’t suppose…I mean you don’t think this is a whor…whor..? You don’t believe it, do you?”

Harley: “Do I what?”

John: “Nothing. Just an idle thought.”  (151K)

Bartender: “New in town?”

John: “The name’s O’Hanlan. Up from Texas.”

Bartender: “Wait a minute. You D.J. O’Hanlan’s brother? The one that’s taking over The Cheyenne Social Club?”

John: “Yes I am but…but…”

Bartender: “Well, welcome to Cheyenne Mr. O’Hanlan. Whisky’s on the house to you. Hey, May.”

John: “That’s mighty nice of you.”

Bartender: “Don’t mention it. D.J. drank free here and, well, I got along all right at his place. Ha ha ha ha.”  (280K)

John: “There can’t be a finer calling in the whole world than being a Republican business man.”

Harley: “I don’t like to dispute you, John, but didn’t you always vote Democratic?”

John: “Yah, well, that was when I didn’t know any better”  (150K)

John: “How much money do you want, Harley?”

Harley: “Fifteen or twenty dollars ought to do me.”

John: “And what do you need it for?”

Harley: “Things.”

John: “Well, what kind of things?”

Harley: “Just…just things. You know, like a drink of whisky if I wanted or a new shirt or something.”

John: “You already have two shirts. You don’t wear but one of them at a time unless it’s winter.”

Harley: “There you go, thinking like a Republican again.”  (259K)

John: “I never knew you were married.”

Harley: “Well, John, it ain’t something I like to talk about but I was married once and once is enough for any man. You can’t smoke, chew, dip, drink, scratch in the parlor or cuss. Leave the house, they ask you where you’re going; you come home they ask you where you been.”  (177K)

Clay Carroll: “It was there when there wasn’t a railroad for three hundred miles. It’s withstood prairie fire and Indian attacks. And the first ounce, O’Hanlan, the first ounce of gold discovered in this territory was spent wisely and well at The Cheyenne Social Club. And you…you come up here from Texas and close it down.”

John: “Well now, Mr. Carroll. I didn’t figure I was doing anything all that terrible. The fact is, where I come from, it would be considered something of a public service.”

Clay Carroll: “You don’t say.”

John: “Yes, sir. I do say.”

Clay Carroll: “You must come from a part of Texas that I ain’t heard of.”  (397K)

Mr. Willowby: “You can’t do it.”

John: “How’s that again, Mr. Willowby?”

Mr. Willowby: “It’s The Cheyenne Social Club or nothing.”

John: “But I…I…I don’t think I’m following you.”

Mr. Willowby: “It’s the agreement your brother had with the railroad.”  (146K)

John: “Oh, now, hold on here Carrie Virginia. I gave you away. I told that fellow Pete Dodge that you could marry him and for him to stay away from here until after the wedding, didn’t I?”

Carrie Virginia: “Oh I know honey, and Pete is staying away, too.”

John: “He is? Well who…who…who…who…”

Carrie Virginia: “Well, that’s just Edgar coming to pay his respects.”

John: “Edgar? Who’s Edgar?”

Carrie Virginia: “Pete’s brother. They’re such a close family.”  (272K)




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