The President’s Analyst


James Coburn-Dr. Sidney Schaefer

Godfrey Cambridge-Don Masters

Severn Darden-V.I. Kydor Kropotkin

Joan Delaney-Nan Butler

Pat Harrington Jr-Arlington Hewes

Barry McGuire-Old Wrangler

Jill Banner-Snow White

Eduard Franz-Ethan Allen Cocket

Walter Burke-Henry Lux

Will Geer-Dr. Lee-Evans

William Daniels-Wynn Quantrill

Joan Darling-Jeff Quantrill

Sheldon Collins-Bing Quantrill

Arte Johnson-Sullivan

Martin Horsey-1st Puddlian

William Beckley-2nd Puddlian

Kathleen Hughes-White House Tourist

Walt Davis-Phoneman

John Gunn-FBR agent

Soon-Tek Oh-Chinese Agent

Dyanne Thorne-Cocktail Waitress

Hank Worden-Dirty Old Man


James Coburn plays Dr. Sidney Schaefer in this 1967 spy spoof. A New York psychiatrist by trade, Dr. Schaefer is recruited by a colleague to accept the President of the United States as his exclusive patient. Politically speaking, it may be beneficial to the country to adopt this idea today.

After his move to Washington D.C., Dr. schaefer becomes involved with a myriad of secretive government agencies. The constant interruptions to his private life by the president and the ever lingering spy groups cause so much stress that he eventually suffers a nervous breakdown.

He is forced to escape after figuring out that he knows too much to be allowed to leave gracefully. This leads to agents from our own country and from around the world trying to either kill or capture him because of the secrets he holds in his head. Even the Canadians are after him. His escape is accomplished with the help of a band of traveling hippies.

The main villain in this movie, however, is an unnamed entity that wishes to use Dr. Schaefer to brainwash the president and take control of everyone in the country.

Probably the most colorful characters in this film, aside from Dr. Schaefer, are political assassin Don Masters (played brilliantly by Godfrey Cambridge) and his KGB counterpart Kydor Kropotkin who is played by Severn Darden. There are also a host of other interesting characters in the movie.

Political correctness alert: Anyone who is thin skinned or easily offended (politicians and vegetarians for example) should avoid this film because nothing is sacred in it. The story pokes fun at virtually everything it can.

There are some dated parts in this movie but overall it is very entertaining.

Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Dr. Schaefer: “You mean you can actually legally kill someone?”

Masters: “Yah. And it bothers me sometimes because I don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t you think that’s psychotic behavior?”

Dr. Schaefer: “No I don’t. It explains your utter lack of hostility. You can vent your aggressive feelings by actually killing people. Just a sensational solution to the hostility problem.” (240K)

Dr. Evans: “They were men of their time. You’re a man of your time.”

Dr. Schaefer: “The President’s analyst. Beautiful.”  (112K)

Lux: “Doctor, you talk in your sleep.”

Dr. Schaefer: “I talk. What does that have to do with Nan?”

Cocket: “It appears that when you do talk in your sleep, you violate the National Security Act.”  (130K)

Dr. Schaefer: “If I were an analyst, which I am, I would say I was rapidly turning into a paranoid personality, which I am.”

Nan: “Isn’t there an analyst you can go to?”

Dr. Schaefer: “Every other psychiatrist in this country has another doctor he can talk to. Not me.”  (136K)

Mr. Quantrill: “The Bullocks, next door, real right wingers. American flag up every day. Real Fascists. Ought to be gassed. You know the type.”  (98K)

Bing: “Hey, dad. You want the magnum three-fifty-seven in the house?”

Mr. Quantrill: “Darn it, Bing. I told you not to play around with my guns. No. I do not want that in the house. That is my car gun. My house gun is already in the house.”  (155K)

Dr. Schaefer: “Guns. Karate. Why?”

Mr. Quantrill: “The right wing extremists. Disarm them and us liberals will disarm.”  (102K)

Bing: “You going to kill Dr. Schaefer?”

Sullivan: “Yes, son. we’re going to kill him.”

Bing: “Oh boy!”  (55K)

Kropotkin: “Logic is on our side. This isn’t a case of a world struggle between two divergent ideologies of different economic systems. Every day your country becomes more socialistic; my country becomes more capitalistic. Pretty soon we’ll meet in the middle and join hands. No, my dear doctor, you’re going to defect because you want to live.”  (253K)

Dr. Shaefer: “You know, the one thing I learned from my patients is they all hate the phone company. Even the stock holders of the phone company hate the phone company.”

Kropotkin: “I know. Bedoins hate the phone company.”  (153K)

Computer voice: “Warning. Extreme emergency.”  (34K)


Wav Sound Effects From the Movie (11KHz)

Gong sound.  (103K)
Metal being slapped.  (16K)
Jet engine.  (78K)
A heartbeat.  (32K)
Telephone ringing.  (40K)
Car tires screeching.  (25K)
Door closing.  (12K)
Dialing a rotary phone.  (101K)
Series of gunshots.  (98K)
Helicopter sound.  (256K)
 An explosion. (37K)




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