Cat Ballou


Jane Fonda-Catherine Ballou

Lee Marvin-Kid Shelleen / Tim Strawn

Michael Callan-Clay Boone

Dwayne Hickman-Uncle Jed

Nat ‘King’ Cole-Shouter

Stubby Kaye-Shouter

Tom Nardini-Jackson Two-Bears

John Marley-Frankie Ballou

Reginald Denny-Sir Harry Percival

Jay C. Flippen-Sheriff Cardigan

Arthur Hunnicutt-Butch Cassidy

Carol Veazie-Mrs. Parker

Bruce Cabot-Sheriff Maledon

Erik Sorenson-Sir Harry’s Valet


Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou

This 1966 spoof of western movies takes place in Wolf City, Wyoming in 1894. Lee Marvin has a dual role in the film. He plays Kid Kelleen, the drunken gunfighter hired by Cat Ballou. His other role is that of the villainous Tim Strawn, Kid Shelleens brother. Marvin won the best actor Oscar in 1966 for these roles. Many people believed he shouldn’t have won over Rod Steiger in The Pawnbroker or Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold or Laurence Olivier in Othello but he does turns in a great performance. Even he joked about it when accepting the Oscar. “I think one-half of this belongs to some horse somewhere in the Valley,” he said, referring to his horse in the movie which, at times, looked just as drunk as Kid Shelleen.

Catherine Ballou is played by Jane Fonda who is not known for her comedy roles and sometimes it shows in her portrayal of Cat Ballou. Overall, though, she does a good job.

Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman and Tom Nardini seem more comfortable in their roles in the movie than Fonda and they turn in excellent performances. There is also the added bonus of having Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole stroll through the movie as troubadours singing the story of Cat Ballou.

Cat Ballou is a school teacher who turns outlaw after her father is killed by a hired gun, Tim Strawn, who works for the Wolf City Development Corporation, an organization which wants the Ballou ranch. The misfits of her gang are Jackson, the Indian who worked for her father, Clay Boone, a petty criminal she’d met on the train and Clay’s Uncle Jed who seems to be around only to get Clay out of trouble. The other member of her gang is Kid Shelleen, the has-been drunken gunfighter that she hired for fifty dollars. Cat’s goal is to rob trains and break Wolf City as revenge for the killing of her father.

Ther are more minor characters in this file that you may or may not recognize. The most memorable is probably Arthur Hunnicutt playing an aging Butch Cassidy. Did Cassidy really die in South America? That’s a debate that won’t be taken up here.

The movie is based on the book The Ballad of Cat Ballou by Roy Chanslor. We recommend that you rent this movie or, better yet, purchase it from the link on this page.

Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou Cat Ballou

Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Jackson: “Your old man’s got some rough-shod ways. He’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way around here”

Cat Ballou: “He’s a sweet old bear. He wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Jackson: “Why don’t you think I know that? Why, nobody in this whole county would give me a job as though I was responsible for what my people done to General Custer. I swear, I was a little baby at the time.” (206K)

Frankie Ballou: “Well, what’s holding you up?”

Kid Shelleen: “No gun.”

Frankie Ballou: “Alright, go get it.”

Kid Shelleen: “I hocked it I think. St. Louis?”  (100K)

Frankie Ballou: “Cat, I ain’t running no dude ranch for misfits and unemployables. Now you keep him away from me.”  (66K)

Frankie Ballou: “Now, get away. I could trip on one of you and get trampled in the crowd. Why was I cursed with a nutty daughter and a bunch of slack-twisted idiots?”  (117K)

Kid Shelleen: “Cassidy. What happened to you?”

Butch Cassidy: “Cavalry. Pinkertons. The west has changed. For us, business is lousy. If we all didn’t have a price on our heads, we’d get out of this hole.”  (170K)

Clay Boone: “Well, what about you, Jackson? I mean you being an Indian and all. Uh, you just going back to living off the land?”

Jackson: “You fooling? You try living out in these mountains naked (with) nothing but a stone ax.”  (129K)

Cat Ballou: “All right. You all say you love me and are beholding to me and ‘Take it easy, Cat. We’re going to take care of you.’ and the first time I ask you to do one little thing for me like rob one little train…”  (146K)

Kid Shalleen: “What’s wrong?”

Clay Boone: “He won’t open the safe. Says he’d rather die.”

Kid Shalleen: “That right, mister?”

Baggage Car Guard: “Yah.” (Kid Shelleen shoots his hat off) “Seven left, twenty-six right, fourteen left.”  (126K)

Cat ballou: “How? Hole-in-the Wall’s impenetrable”

Butch Cassidy: “No such a thing. Takes more trouble than it’s worth to dig us out. Now you made it worthwhile.”  (95K)

Clay Boone: “Well what was that for?”

Jackson: “Well everybody else was doing it. I got a right to share in the fun without regard to race, creed or color according to the Fourteenth Amendment.”  (97K)

Jackson: “Oh, Kid. What a time for you to fall off the wagon. Look at your eyes.”

Kid Shelleen: “What’s wrong with my eyes?”

Jackson: “Well, they’re red. Bloodshot.”

Kid Shelleen: “You ought to see them from my side.”  (176K)


Wav Sound Effects From the Movie (11KHz)

Conductor calling all aboard.  (25K)
Train leaving station.  (130K)
Pistol shot with ricochet.  (15K)
More pistol shots.  (59K)
Multiple footsteps on a wooden floor.  (29K)
Rifle shot.  (22K)
Door slamming.  (13K)
Train speeding down the tracks with whistle blowing.  (124K)
Water splashing.  (17K)
Footsteps on a wooden floor.  (49K)
Cell door opening.  (40K)
Gallows trap door springing open.  (15K)


Trailer   (9,436K)



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