Animal House

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Stephen Furst-Kent Dorfman

John Belushi-John Blutarsky

Bruce McGill-Daniel Simpson Day

Mark Metcalf-Doug Neidermeyer

Peter Riegert-Donald Schoenstein

Mary Louise Weller-Mandy Pepperidge

Martha Smith-Babs Jansen

Kevin Bacon-Chip Diller

James Daughton-Greg Marmalard

Donald Sutherland-Dave Jennings

John Vernon-Dean Vernon Wormer

Douglas Kenney-Stork

Chris Miller-Hardbar

Karen Allen-Katy

Bruce Bonnheim-B.B.

Tim Matheson-Eric Stratton

James Widdoes-Robert Hoover

Verna Bloom-Marion Wormer

Cesare Danova-Mayor Carmine DePasto

Sarah Holcomb-Clorette DePasto

Stacy Grooman-Sissy


This 1978 comedy stars many well known actors in their younger years. The most notable performance is by the late John Belushi. Some of the other better known actors in are Tom Hulce, Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen, and Stephen Furst. Donald Sutherland also appears in the film as an English professor. The story takes place at Faber College in 1962.

The basic story is about the conflict between Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon) who is allied with certain members of Omega House, against Delta House, the worst fraternity on campus. It is the Dean’s goal to rid the campus of Delta House.

The story opens during pledge week. Larry Kroger (Hulce) and Kent Dorfman (Furst) are making the rounds of the college fraternities. Their first stop is Omega House where they are quickly ushered into a corner of the room where all the misfits are gathered. It’s obvious that the snobbish, wealthy Omegas want nothing to do with them.

Their next stop is Delta House where they find John “Bluto” Blutarsky (Belushi) urinating in the front yard. He affirms that it is the Delta House and invites them in. There they find rock and roll music loudly blaring as opposed to the soft piano music at the Omega House. Members and guests are drinking, gambling, and generally carrying on with activities that the Omegas would surely look at as perversions.

Kroger and Dorfman are accepted into the Delta fraternity. Dorfman is allowed in only because because he’s a legacy. His brother Fred was a Delta. Kroger is given the Delta Name of Pinto while Dorfman is given the name of Flounder.

Dorfman is in the ROTC where Omega blow hard Doug Neidermeyer (Mark Metcalf) is the commander. Neidermeyer has a strong dislike for Dorfman and shows it by getting off his horse and yelling in Dorfman’s face. He then orders Dorfman to clean the stables every night.

That evening, Dorfman is trying to clean a stall but he’s terrified of Neidermeyer’s horse. Bluto and Daniel Day, or D-Day as he’s better known, show up at the stables with a plan. They take the horse to the administration building and place it in the dean’s office. D-Day pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and tells Dorfman to shoot the horse. Dorfman is hesitant at first but finally agrees, not knowing that the gun is filled with blanks. After re-entering the dean’s office, he points the gun and fires. The horse keels over, dead from an apparent heart attack.

The sinister Omegas, going forward with a plan to get the Deltas thrown out of school, go into the office and substitute the discarded mimeograph sheet of the psychology exam in the waste basket with a sheet containing all the wrong answers. Later, Bluto and D-Day retrieve the sheet from the basement waste bin, thinking they had all the answers to the exam. After the exam, the Deltas find out that they’d flunked it. This is about the same time that they are told by Dean Wormer they’d been on double secret probation since the beginning of the semester.

Since they know they’re going to get thrown out of college anyway, they decide to have a toga party. Attending the party are the barely teenage daughter of the mayor and Dean Wormer’s wife along with the rest of the crowd. Following the toga party, a disciplinary hearing is held by the student court, encouraged by Dean Wormer, where the Delta fraternity is banished from the college.

Dean Wormer eventually gets the results of the psychology exam which he has been anxiously waiting for. He summons the Deltas to his office and expels them from Faber College. They decide to fight back against Wormer and the Omegas during the homecoming parade. What follows is utter chaos but they do get even.

This is a terrific comedy movie all the way through. People who complain about the second half of it being slightly disjointed must not be watching very closely.

Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Otter: “Hi. Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman. Damned glad to meet you.”

Boon: “Hi. That was Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman. He was damned glad to meet you.” (85K)

Dean Wormer: “Who dumped a whole truckload of Fizzies into the swim meet? Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring the toilets explode.”

Greg Marmalard: “You’re talking about Delta, sir.”  (226K)

Doug Neidermeyer: “You will report to the stable tonight and every night at nineteen hundred hours and without that pledge pin. Do you understand?”  (128K)

Mayor DePasta: “If you mention extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken.”  (54K)

Bluto: “Food fight!”  (70K)

Hoover: “We are on double secret probation, whatever that is. We can’t afford to have a toga party.”

Boon: “You guys up for a toga party?”

Bluto: “Toga! Toga!”  (108K)

Otter: “Point of parliamentary procedure.”

Hoover: “Don’t screw around. They’re serious this time.”

Otter: “Take it easy. I’m in pre-law, man.”

Hoover: “Thought you were pre-med.”

Otter: “What’s the difference?”  (84K)

Boon: “What’s going on?”

Hoover: “They confiscated everything, even the stuff we didn’t steal”  (45K)

Otter: “I’ll tell you what. I’ll swear you were doing a great job taking care of his car but you parked it out back last night and this morning it was gone. D-Day takes care of the wreck. We report it to the police. Your brother’s insurance company buys him a new car.”

Flounder: “Will that work?”

Otter: “Hey. That’ll work better than the truth.”  (296K)

Bluto: “It’s my advice to you, start drinking heavily.”

Otter: “You better listen to him, Flounder. He’s in pre-med.”  (96K)

Bluto: “Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no.”

Otter: “Germans?”

Boon: “Forget it. He’s rolling.”

Bluto: “And it ain’t over now.”  (186K)

Otter: “I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

Bluto: “We’re just the guys to do it,”  (164K)

Chip Diller: “Remain calm. All is well.”  (56K)

D-Day: “Ramming speed!”  (61K)


Wav Sound Effects From the Movie (11KHz)

Glass breaking.  (12K)
William Tell Overture played on throat.  (59K)
Golf ball breaking window and pitcher on desk.  (51K)
Horse snorting.  (17K)
Ladder bouncing along house.  (87K)
Ladder falling on ground.  (28K)
Guitar being smashed against wall.  (53K)
Footsteps hurrying down the stairs.  (42K)
Cheers, whistles and applause.  (85K)
Bottles being broken.  (21K)
Vomiting.  (29K)




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